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American Airlines Arena

The America Airlines Arena (AAA) is located along Biscayne Bay. It offers an arena for sports and entertainment in Miami, Florida. To tour the American Airlines Arena, tours are scheduled from Monday to Friday on the days with no events. The tours are conducted from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. based on availability. Below are some areas within the American Airlines Arena of Miami, Florida:

  1. South Beach

South Beach offers a variety of sports from sunbathing to snorkeling.  The skyline of the Ocean Drive in Miami, the clear blue water, the Art Deco playground is a must-see for each visitor. South Beach offers a taste for world-class hotels and it offers an experience for fine dining and beach cuisines.

  1. Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove has found a mix of eclectic intellectuals, pioneers, and artists in 1873. It offers a warm atmosphere and has a wide view of sailboats anchored at the bay, galleries, and charming boutiques. The Bohemian fashion style used at the coconut grove is a favorite for both locals and visitors.

  1. Coral Gables

The Coral Gables is Famous for Biltmore hotel and the Venetian Pool which were built in the 1920s. It is strategically located with easy access to the beach of Miami and the Miami International Airport.

  1. North Miami

North Miami Is a city that is rich in cultural heritage. The Oleta River State Park, the largest urban park in the States, is located here.  It has a natural limestone bridge that is 40 feet long.

  1. Opa-Locka

Opa-Locka is home to the Miami Dolphins. It is also an Executive airport which is located 10 minutes from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. It houses a wide range of aircraft maintenance services: airframe, power plant, and avionics repair on the airfield. It is the busiest and it is also home to U.S. Coast Guard Air and Sea Rescue Station.

  1. Hialeah

Hialeah is ranked as the sixth-largest municipality in Miami, Florida. It boarders Opa-Locka, Miami, and the Miami Lakes. The Miami lakes provide direct access to Opa-Locka airport and The Miami International airport. The city offers a diverse range of cultural activities, programs and events that appeal to almost all its residents.

  1. Institute of Contemporary Arts, Miami

This is dedicated to promote experimentation of contemporary arts, exchange art and ideas both in Miami and internationally. Through exhibitions provided by the Institute of Contemporary Arts; local, emerging and un-recognized artists can get an international platform and they get their works appreciated by the local public. The artistic expression platform is provided all year round and they have no admission fees.

  1. The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood walls offer a platform where local graffiti artists display their works. The walls are home to one of the largest open-air street installations in the world. Almost all artistes scramble to have their mark in the Wynwood walls.

The American Airlines Arena has continued providing a platform for sports, entertainment, and artistic expression since December 31 the year 1999. Everyone is assured of their security.     The Arena is open for both the locals and internationals around the world. If you would like more information, please visit our site for more information.

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