Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

ada wheelchair accessible porta potty near a baseball fieldThe wheelchair accessible porta potty is one of the most diverse portable toilets. It is designed for people who are disabled and rely on a wheelchair for mobility. This is usually a select group that needs special attention and features. You can, therefore, expect a wide range of unique features targeting these groups of people. Some of these include handrails, anti-slip floors, and other security features. You should, therefore, ensure that you invest in these mobile toilets to appreciate diversity. Do not lock out a given group of people from attending your party because you lack the right toilet facility.

Let us take a look at some of the features that qualify a restroom to be wheelchair accessible.

Accessibility features

People on wheelchairs cannot move around easily, and as a result, most of their facilities are made accessible. These wheelchair accessible porta potties are appropriately designed with all the right requirements. Users, therefore, get a convenient entry and exit point. The units are pretty low with a flat entrance for easier passage using the wheelchairs. This is quite different from the standard ramp, which requires tact and skill to maneuver through utilizing a wheelchair.

The units also have handrails for easier maneuverability. Most people using wheelchairs are paralyzed from the waist downwards, and therefore, having a structure where they can support the upper sides of their body is pretty convenient. The handrails also serve as a security feature to prevent users from toppling over and falling. They can also be used to alight from the wheelchairs when using the toilets. The rails, therefore, have a pretty solid construction because of this reason.


Unlike those who can walk normally, people on wheelchairs cannot react accordingly to prevent themselves from certain accidents. They can, therefore, easily topple over and hurt themselves, which should not be the case. Therefore, these toilets have simple constructions with fewer obstructions so that users can move smoothly and effectively. You won’t get any protrusions or sharp edges that can be easily avoided by the physically able.

The floors and the entire toilet are made of anti-skid materials to prevent falls, which are usually fatal. Therefore, most of the floors are rough to provide traction between the wheels of the chairs and the floor. The units also have a solid lock to prevent other users from bumping in or even bumping onto each other.


These units are large to create room for the wheelchairs. You can imagine how much room is needed to allow free movement of a wheelchair. They are, therefore, bigger than the standard and the deluxe options. Their width ranges from 60-70 inches, with a depth of 75-85 inches. The holding tank capacities are also quite large, measuring seventy gallons. These units are also a bit tall, measuring 90-95 inches.


The wheelchair accessible porta potties are ADA compliant. It can, therefore, serve any event attended by a person in a wheelchair. You can also get one in case your facility is not ADA compliant. Please do not fail to contact us in case you need wheelchair accessible porta potties or any related services around Miami.