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Bayside Marketplace

If you are looking to get a full Miami experience, there’s no better place to visit than the Bayside marketplace which is suitably located in downtown Miami, Florida. The cool breeze from the abutting Biscayne Bay, the sensational setting of a marina, eclectic exterior décor and the unique features are some of the few factors that contribute to the Bayside marketplace being one of the most visited places in Miami. Here are some of the features that are conducive to the scenic and breath-taking overall view of this place.

Bars and Restaurants

Bayside market place entrance sign in miamiRestaurants at Bayside marketplace are elegantly designed with good gilt, modern furniture and balmy outdoors. The aroma coming from them is enough persuasion to visit these eateries and enjoy their delicious meals. There is a variety of inviting cuisines to choose from eg, seafood, Latin food and French food. The remarkable food presentation, celebrity-like special treatment and overall warm service will make you want to visit the place again.

The variety of trendy bars offer a warm environment where one can go to relax with company, complemented by cocktails and good music.


One of the main attractions in this area is the sea lion. They are really interesting creatures to watch because of their elegance in water and distinctive growling. Seeing these sea lions in their natural environment will be the highlight of the visit.

Several bus tours and boat rides have been created for entertainment. These tours ensure that you capture all spectacular infrastructure, posh homes of Miami residents, wonderful horizons and warm atmosphere. Small parties can also be held in these boats either day or night.

Aside from boat tours, there is an offer for safe bike tours in the city of Miami.

If you are looking to stay for a while, affordable accommodation is readily available from a couple of classy hotels. These contemporary occidental hotels are sumptuously designed for client satisfaction and comfort.

Live shows

The management of this entertainment area is creative and has therefore scheduled live bands to perform for tourists. Contemporary music and dances are performed for the enjoyment of everyone.

Live shows and events proffer a chance for people to try out new cuisines, fashion, health tactics and therefore interact with new people all in all.

There is also a movie theatre where one can watch movies or shows with friends or family.

Shopping stores

The miscellaneous shopping stores that have been built include children accessories, special stores, electronics, footwear, health and beauty, jewelry, sports activities, men and women accessories and toys. There is a good selection of shops to choose from and the prices are very affordable. Products are well stocked and displayed to attract people. The customer

service is striking because employees are helpful and polite, hence a guarantee of customer satisfaction.


Another feature that makes for a congenial experience in Bayside Marketplace is suitable parking space. Parking is available for both shoppers and event guests. Handicap parking has also been set aside and is easily accessible. Other features include a miniature golf course and play areas where kids can enjoy themselves too.

Since this entertainment complex was built, it has massively gained traction over the years and it is now among the popular tourist attractions in Miami, Florida. It is an ideal place for a vacation or holiday.

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