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Miami-Dade County is found in the city of Florida, in the United States.  It has six towns, nineteen cities, and nine villages. According to the census 2019 report its’ the most popular county for it has a population of two million seven hundred and sixteen thousand, nine hundred and forty.

The most popular means of transport in Miami is the metro mover (Its’ an automated people train.) It is of service to the people of Brickell Park, Miami downtown, and the neighborhood of arts and entertainment district. In the downtown of Miami, Metro-mover is viewed as a primary method of transportation. It consists of three loops and twenty-one stations. It is one of the two automatic people train found in the United States. The other metro-mover is found at Jacksonville Skyway.

The automated train is normally an alternative means of transportation, within the neighborhood of Downtown Miami. The metro mover has twenty-one stations and three loops.


The people mover system was first founded in the year 1986. The following year the planning to extend the system was first extended. It was not until seven years later that it was completed. In November in the year, two thousand and two half-penny transit tax law was approved. This meant that the Metro mover would charge a transport fee of twenty-five cents. This law was later on lifted since it was noted that the cost of the fare nearly exceeded the revenue gotten from the transport fee. Between the years 2002 and 2005, there was a large increase in population, this doubled the Metro Mover riders from four point seven million, up to nine million. The year 2010 there was a high rate of unemployment and a drop in the economy, this saw the numbers decrease, but it, later on, increased in the year 2012.


The twenty-one stations are found in Downtown Miami and Brickell, they are approximately two blocks apart.  The automated train is known to link Major office and residential buildings, retails and hotels in Miami Downtown and Brickell. The metro mover uses three routes, which are commonly referred to as loops. It starts its operation at five a.m. till midnight; it operates the entire week and the train arrives within ninety seconds to three minutes, it varies with the time and day.

Miami Downtown loop serves the entire downtown station, except the third street station. The Brickell and Omni Loop, which is commonly referred to as the outer loop, runs anticlockwise and serves all the stations apart from the Miami Avenue Station. The metro mover transports people free of charge unless they are being transported to Metrorail or Metro bus. The Metrorail provides its services until the Miami International Airport.


In the year 2011, it had been proposed that the Metro mover should be extended up to the port of Miami. The Metrorail was also to be included, which would act as a link from the Airport up to the seaport. The report was supposed to be voted on, nothing has ever been reported since then. For more information, visit our website.

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