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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a unique and exclusive tantalizing European culture reconstructed in America.  It belonged to James Deering. This estate is a reflection of his expansive travel across Europe.  It captures a telephone switching system and a central vacuum system.  The estate is represented by a Carvel emblem. This ship shaped emblem depicts the main mode of transport that was used by explorers.  The land carrying Vizcaya is 50 acres; 40 of which is a forest and 10 holds a breathtaking villa and gardens.

The expansive gardens are inspired by the Italian Renaissance. They surround a villa that houses a museum of more than 70 rooms, 34 of these are filled with a collection of treasures from the travels of James Deering. The collection dates back to the period from the 15th Century up to the 19th Century. The rooms are adorned with distinctive architectural interiors. You will find original ceramics retrieved from the well-known Titanic. During a tour of the house, you will encounter a room that has marble floors and glass doors with stained glass.  The glass permits light to stream through. The next room captures a historical time attributed to conquests by historical explorers. It is depicted by a combination of a display of ceramics associated with China and seascapes associated with Napoleon the French explorer.  As you move through the house it takes you to step out into the gardens.

The gardens are exclusively manicured and filled with patterns that resemble mazes.  The tropical environment is captured by the palms and rare orchids.  The Mediterranean mood is captured by the Cuban limestone. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has preserved the history of Miami’s environment.  It is among the few that were established between 1914 up to 1922 that are still intact.  In this property lies the full story of a historic village.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has been listed among America’s Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places. To raise funds towards its preservation, Vizcaya hosts events.  Among them is the costume party during Halloween. It also participates in the Baynanza annual clean upheld on the Earth Day. Vizcaya has appeared in films that include Ace Ventura. Be on the lookout for special events hosted at Museum and Gardens.  Due to the high demand, you are advised to reserve in advance.

Vizcaya has been host to numerous people of fame who include Popes and pop stars.  It ranks among the popular locations.  The main events hosted are photo-shoots, weddings, and other social occasions.  You can be part of the legacy by taking advantage of the affordable tickets. Visitors have rated the gardens as gorgeous. They remind them of ancient European mansions.  They have been impressed by the atmosphere and architecture. You have access to tours daily. These are scheduled hourly between 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. You can access it easily through public transport from the Vizcaya Metrorail station.  If you choose to drive, free parking is available.

It is our hope that you will pay a visit.  For details on the address please visit the website.

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