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Zoo Miami 

The city of Miami has lots of attractions, including restaurants and beaches. It boosts the great culture and some unique pieces of attraction. Miami is one of the top places to spend vacations, enjoying a wide range of attractions. Zoo Miami is one of the best attractions in the city. However, there are other fascinating pieces you would like to enjoy in addition to the zoo to make a wonderful tour. The following are the top tourist attractions in Miami, Florida.

  1. Zoo Miami

It’s the most impressive and biggest zoos you can visit in the world. It has almost all the animal species you would like to see including the rare and endangered species. Siamangs – long arm type of apes with their attractive long, unkempt hair is among the unique animals at the zoo. The Red-Eyed Frog is an amazing amphibian attracting tourists. Birds are present in a variety of colours, not forgetting the antelope, dromedary camels and the meercat among other fascinating animal species.

  1. Miami Beach

It’s an interesting beach with a mass of activities which depends on passion; music, dance, visual arts or theatre. It has varied complimentary cultural creativities, brass ensembles, string quarters including a picnic with attractive music. Besides, graceful forms of dance are embraced by the visual art present at the Botanical Gardens. Bike excursions and library are some of the activities that please everyone.

  1. Miami Seaquarium

It’s situated on the walkway between downtown Miami and Key Biscayne, which is the heart of the most tours. The tropical climate facilitates its wonderful outdoor aquarium and consumes a lot of time for most visitors. It also covers a region of over 38 acres with incredible views of the horizon. Killer whales and dolphins perform for guests. Other fascinating animals in the environment include manatees and sea turtles.

  1. Jungle Island

It was earlier known as Parrot Jungle, tourists observe and learn from varied tropical birds from their habitat. The attraction offers educational programs besides hosting field trips. Kangaroos, penguins, orangutan and other species of birds are abundant in the highland. The island does not close at any hour of the day, and it’s busy with exploration and other activities. It also has a store that provides excitement from contented recollections.

  1. Everglades National Park

It’s the remarkable public park in the United States that boasts of 1.5 million acres of saw-grass plains, sub-tropical forests and swamps. It’s situated in the south of Florida and happily a home of over fourteen species of endangered animals including American Crocodile, West Indian Manatee and Florida Panther. Visitors in the park have the chance to canoe, walk and camp although large parts are too primitive only used by adventurists and researchers.

The places mentioned above are interesting places to spend holiday vacations, birthdays, learning sessions and adventure. The tropical climate of the region supports the variety of animals hence attractive to tourists around the world. As stated, Zoo Miami and other several places in Miami, Florida are places you can count on for a vacation.

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