Luxury Trailer Porta Potty

luxury portable toilet trailer out doors
Porta potties exist in different forms and shapes. While many people are most familiar with the regular and deluxe portable toilet options, there are other distinct types. In this article, we will focus on the luxury trailer portable potties and what you need to consider before getting one. If you do not know what a porta potty is, it is a movable toilet unit. Portable potties are temporary structures that can be carried from place to place, depending on the occasion. If you are planning to ghost your friends but lack enough toilet facilities, this is the best alternative that you have.

Also known as trailer mounted or towable porta-potties, these are single units that are mounted on trailers, facilitating their movement from one place to the other. These trailers can always be packed anywhere when the need arises. Due to the nature of portability, these units best suit caravans and mobile worksites. You can hire one if you are involved in highway road work, volunteer work of any kind, disaster relief, and even media work.

You can imagine just how convenient it is to move side by side with your toilet. By now, I am sure that you are aware that there are some considerations that you have to make before getting these portable units. Let us look at some of these.


Safety is of the essence while mowing with a towable unit. Remember, you will be sharing the road with other users. The last thing that you want is to put both yourself and these users at risk. How can you prevent this? Simple. Ensure that the trailer is built with durable tires and brake lights that will notify other road users if you stop. If not, you will end up causing accidents which might even claim your life.

You must also ensure that your porta potty can be packed, or else you will find yourself in a scenario where the unit runs away from the vehicle when it is unhooked.


Size matters. Remember, when you are on the road, your rental company will not have the liberty of emptying and cleaning up the unit. Therefore, you must settle on a porta-potty with a generous tank that can withhold a longer duration of usage. Most of these units have tanks measuring fifty to seventy units. If you want to be on the safer side, make sure that you settle on the latter. Fortunately, they have a gracious height and will not give you a hard time accessing.


The event matters. You do not have to get a towable unit if you are not on the move. If you are moving to a place with residential toilets, you may want to forego the porta potties to cut costs. Either way, you should make sure that the nature of the event aligns with your choice.


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