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Porta Potty Rental, Kendall FL

We are pleased to have you visit Kendall Porta-Potty, your reliable source for solutions for portable restrooms in Kendall and the areas surrounding it. Our porta toilet rentals provide convenience, cleanliness, and comfort, and they are an excellent choice whenever you have an upcoming construction project, are in charge of preparing a special event, or are in need of temporary facilities.

This guide will walk you through the various varieties of porta potties that we have available, such as standard units, deluxe alternatives, ADA-compliant versions, luxury restroom trailers, and portable hand wash stations. Continue reading to find out which one is the most suitable for your requirements.

Different Types of Porta Potties

Standard Porta Potties: the most usual and economical choice is to rent regular porta potties, which are available in a variety of sizes. They are long-lasting, despite their low weight, and very portable. These units normally consist of a toilet seat, a urinal, and a holding tank that is used to collect waste in addition to collecting the waste. Even though they could be missing a few additional capabilities, they nonetheless offer the necessary functionality that is required for the majority of events and construction sites.

Deluxe Porta Potties: Units that are a Step Up from regular Porta Potties Our deluxe units offer additional conveniences and are a step up from the regular porta potties. The fact that these units come with a hand sanitizer dispenser offers consumers an easy and sanitary way to keep their hands clean. The interiors are roomier and may be equipped with a sink or a place to wash one’s hands, making for a more hygienic and convenient experience.

ADA-Accessible Units: we provide ADA-accessible porta potties, which are restrooms that are accessible to people with all types of physical impairments. In order to fulfill the criteria of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), certain models have been designed with doors that are wider to accommodate wheelchairs and grab bars to provide support. They offer a restroom that is convenient, accessible, and geared toward the needs of all users.

Our Luxury Bathroom Trailers: are the Best Option for Those Seeking an Upscale washroom Experience Our luxury bathroom trailers are the best option for those seeking an upscale washroom experience. These trailers are designed to look like standard indoor bathrooms and provide a higher level of comfort and beauty than those typical bathrooms. They come equipped with a number of individual stalls, sinks that have access to running water, air conditioning or heating, and even conveniences such as mirrors, lighting, and high-end finishes. The use of luxury toilet trailers is highly recommended for high-end gatherings, weddings, and any other occasion that calls for an air of refined elegance.

Portable Hand Wash Stations: In addition to providing porta potty rentals, we also offer portable hand wash stations to ensure that your gathering or construction site adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness. The presence of many sinks, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers at each of these stations encourages users to keep their surroundings clean and helps prevent the transmission of germs.

Advantages of Renting Porta Potties

There are a number of advantages to renting porta potties, and these advantages are not dependent on the type of porta potty you select. Consider the following benefits of this option:

  1. Porta potties offer a practical solution for the problem of lack of access to permanent bathroom facilities in isolated areas or other places where such facilities are unavailable. They are simple to assemble and may be moved around as necessary.
  2. Renting porta potties is a cost-effective option to constructing and maintaining permanent bathroom facilities. This is because renting porta potties does not require as much upkeep. It dispenses with the requirement for fees associated with plumbing, building, and continuous maintenance.
  3. Cleanliness and Hygiene: The design of contemporary porta toilets places a premium on both aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. To make the experience of using them more enjoyable for customers, they come outfitted with amenities such as hand sanitizers, sinks, and adequate ventilation.
  4. Porta potties offer versatility in terms of location and positioning, making them an attractive option. They can be arranged in a way that is easy to adapt to the particular needs of your event or project, allowing the best possible access for those who will be attending or working on the endeavor.

Who Can Benefit from Using Porta Toilets

  1. Sites of building: Porta potties are an absolute necessity for building sites, as employees there require hygienic facilities that are both easily accessible and conveniently located.
  2. Special Events: Porta potties ensure that participants of special events, such as a music festival, fair, wedding, or sporting event, have easy access to bathrooms.
  3. Gatherings Outside: Picnics, family reunions, camping vacations, and other outdoor activities are perfect opportunities to put porta potties to good use. In natural situations where more permanent restroom facilities might not be available, they offer a hygienic and convenient alternative to using those settings.
  4. Festivals and Concerts: Large-scale events such as festivals and concerts draw a sizable number of spectators each time they take place. Porta potties can be strategically placed throughout the site to ensure that guests have convenient access to restroom facilities without overloading permanent structures. Porta potties are also known as portable toilets or just potties.
  5. Corporate Functions: Porta potties are also a good choice for corporate functions including picnics, trade exhibits, and conferences for businesses. They provide participants with a handy and practical alternative, which enables them to concentrate on the event without being distracted by concerns regarding the availability of restrooms.
  6. Porta potties play an important part in the provision of temporary sanitation facilities during times of emergency, such as those caused by natural disasters or disturbances to the infrastructure of a community. They are able to be quickly moved to places that have suffered a natural disaster or are in urgent need of aid.


At Kendall Porta Potty, we recognize that the requirements of our customers might vary greatly, which is why we provide a wide selection of porta potty options.

We aim to give events, construction sites, and a variety of industries with restroom solutions that are clean, convenient, and pleasant. These solutions range from regular units to deluxe alternatives, models that are accessible to people with disabilities, luxury bathroom trailers, and portable hand wash stations.

There are a lot of advantages to using porta potties, such as the fact that they are convenient, cost-effective, hygienic, and flexible. They are adaptable to a vast array of uses, such as those seen at construction sites, festivals, outdoor gatherings, special events, corporate occasions, and times of disaster.

If you go with Kendall Porta Potty, you can rest assured that our dependable and well-maintained portable toilets will more than adequately satisfy your need for sanitary facilities.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your needs and let our staff assist you in locating the most suitable porta potty rental solution for your upcoming event or project.